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Words can’t even describe him. His personality is amazing. His looks are beautiful, he is perfect all around. I believe that things happen for a reason, and I was able to learn so much from the entire process. Most of all, I learned that Trust Pibull USA Pitbull Puppies’ slogan on their Home banner, “Your #1 Trusted Source For Pitbulls Puppies!” isn’t just a marketing. Thanks Trust Pibull USA.

Clifton Butcher / Satisfied Customer!

Trust Pitbull USA made buying our dream puppies a smooth and enjoyable experience. they were always readily available to answer any question big or small. they also went above and beyond on accommodating our delivery date needs. our puppies are a true dream and everything we expected and more. you can tell he came from a loving and great environment. cant say enough wonderful things-thank you!!

Arthur Medina / Satisfied Customer!

Amazing overall experience! Amazing. We had purchased 2 XL bully prior to pitbull & bully from another breeder. For our 4th we decided to use Pitbull & Bully home. I wouldn’t use anyone else from here on out. Not only is our little bully the best behaved dog but Trust Pibull USA(owner) knows how to treat his clients. His communication was always clear, honest, and responsive. They were willing to set us up with live video feed so we could see all the puppies we had interest in. This truly helped our decision. Still till this day, 6 months later, Trust Pibull USA checks in and always answers any questions we have. If you’re looking to purchase a high quality pup. Thank you guys a million times over for bringing us the best puppy we could ask for- Sean & Monique!

Naomi Culpepper / Satisfied Customer!

Absolutely incredible experience! We were initially sceptical by purchasing a puppy online; especially from so far away, but all our concerns disappeared with Pitbull and bully home . I must say all my many emails filled with tons of questions were answered in a timely matter and video calls were often given as an option. All legal papers were given, and everything was confirmed with our veterinarian upon arrival. Our new bully got the privilege to be hand delivered by panther and showed up in style wearing Zampa silk shirt! It’s very easy to observe that this little puppy was well taken care of with his wonderfully sweet and playful temperament. This Kennel has been extremely professional, and we would recommend this experience to anyone who’s looking for the friendliest puppies!

Stanley Bliss / Satisfied Customer!

Trust Pibull USA exceeded all my expectations! My dream dog always was a blue nose pitbull . I’ve been looking for months to get one here in Canada, but couldn’t find any blue nose pitbull. I came across so many scammers on google and instagram 🙁 I almost fell for a few actually. Scammers are really good these days! Be really careful!This puppies seemed legit. After speaking with Trust Pibull USA, even on weekends when he is off work. I told myself I’m doing it! Until the very end of this process I wasn’t completely sure if I would get the airport and be heartbroken to not have the dog I selected. But not only Teddy was there! He was the most wonderful dog ever! A real sweet heart! I can’t express enough my gratitude. It can be hard to decide to buy a dog without physically meeting him. But from the elaborate website with pictures and videos, all I have to say is I would do it all over and over again! Will definitely recommend them to everyone ❤️ Thank you guys, it shows you spend time

Carmela Williams / Satisfied Customer!

I will just really like to thank Trust Pibull USA the owner soooo much for the amazing and beautiful Pitbull that he has blessed my husband and I with. We purchased a male merle pitbull puppy mid December of 2018. The second I came across his website I absolutely fell in love with Boo!!! I had to have him! Right after purchasing him Trust Pibull USA contacted me. I was very skeptical of buying a $1500 dog over seas from someone I haven’t heard about before. Trust Pibull USA reassured me that he was going to be in my hands as soon as his papers were done. From before receiving my puppy to after receiving him, Trust Pibull USA always made sure to keep in contact with us and make sure our baby was good. I am currently looking to purchase another one for my Wife. He is beyond perfect!! Words can’t even describe him. His personality is amazing. His looks are beautiful, he is perfect all around. He came potty pad trained, doesn’t get better!! He is now 8 months old and weight 70 pounds. I take him everywhere with me and people think he’s a beast until he moves! I take him to the vet every 2 weeks for a check up and he’s always been healthy.

Dana Horton / Satisfied Customer!

This is Kathy Cambra from Chicago. I bought Kisha from you 2 months ago. I just wanted to give you a quick update … We have renamed her Stella, She is 100% healthy, has all vaccinations, and generally doing as well as possible. She plays & runs everyday. Sleeps & cuddles in bed with us at night. She has taken well to basic training. Knows all the basics: sit, down, stay, off, release, fetch, etc. Also great in her potty training as well. We wanted to not only share about her progress, but wanted to THANK YOU both of you for raising a really special puppy. She is a beauty both inside and out. Our main concern with internet puppy purchase was personality. Stella/Kisha is extremely social & well adjusted to every person & dog she meets. She iis happy, fun, playful, caring, cuddly, and smart. There’s absolutely NO evil, mean, scared, abused part to her personality, which is amazing. Trust me, she will stay that way w/ us. Safe, happy, healthy, loved, and well trained!

Kathy Cambra / Satisfied Customer!

We had an amazing experience with Trust Pitbull USA!! She was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was so patient as she helped us find the puppy that was the perfect match for our family, They truly love this breed and want everyone to have a healthy happy puppy. The pride in their program shows in every detail. Our local vet was extremely impressed with our puppy’s health, the attention to detail, and the “Trust Pitbull USA Pitbull Puppies” program. We have had our puppy for about two months. We couldn’t be happier!! He immediately fit right in to our family and seems as if he has always been here. We could not have asked for a better experience. We highly recommend working with this breeder. Thank you Trust Pitbull USA!!!

Ricky White / Satisfied Customer!

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